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Summer has officially started in Arizona, as people have been feeling the heat since late May. While it’s expected to get cooler around July, the weather will likely be sweltering and dry by then. Apart from taking care of yourself, you should also check on your vehicles. The summer heat can create a host of problems for your truck, such as uneven tire pressure, a broken drive belt, faulty air conditioning, and more.

Here are precautions you can take to keep your lifted truck in tip-top condition during the hot weather.

Maintain Your Air Conditioner

The hotter it gets, the harder your truck’s air conditioning system needs to work to keep the cabin at an ideal temperature. You don’t want it to break down while you’re driving under the hot Phoenix sun. Give it some TLC before taking it out for a ride.

  • Radiator Fin Cleaning – Pop the hood to gain access to [...]

Many people prefer having their trucks lifted for its custom look. The additional height is eye-catching, perfect for those who want to stand out. But more than just looking cool, the modification also brings several benefits.

Custom lifted trucks are popular among off-roaders. You get more ground clearance when driving on rugged terrain, reducing the damage to your truck’s undercarriage. Plus, the large tires are designed to have more tire-to-ground contact for greater traction, giving you better grip and stability when driving.

However, lifted trucks require relatively high maintenance. Daily driving can quickly wear out the different parts of the truck, affecting its performance.

Learn about some of the common problems with lifted trucks and how to address them, so you can preserve the condition of your vehicle.

1. Brakes

The bigger the tires are on your vehicle, the heavier the rotating mass. The brakes take longer before they can impact the wheels, especially when [...]

A used lifted truck has the potential to last for several decades when cared for properly. Be sure to be on top of maintenance, along with good driving habits.

Here are pointers to ensure your truck stays in top condition for years to come.

Shock system

Your truck may experience extreme bounce especially if used constantly for off-road driving. Its shock absorbers receive constant stress when going over large rocks or hitting deep potholes. Stress can cause them to stiffen up and stop absorbing suspension.

Lift kit bolts

One maintenance task you can do at home is visually checking the truck’s mounting bolts to see if they have become loose.

Bolts may loosen with constant wear and tear, especially if you’re doing a lot of off-road driving. Loose bolts can affect overall driving performance.

Oil change

Make sure to get the oil changed regularly.

According to the US Department of Energy, a well-lubricated diesel engine [...]

Lifted Trucks in Phoenix Arizona


Are you in the market for a lifted truck? Have you seen some custom trucks that you like but not quite the one you love? No worries, Canyon State Trucks has you covered for all your custom truck needs. We can take any one of our stock or already lifted trucks and build it out to your exact specifications. Interested in one of our stock certified pre-owned trucks for sale and want to customize it with all the aftermarket equipment of your choosing? Not a problem at all, we can take you to our custom truck shop and you can pick out all the accessories and upgrades you want. Whether you want to slam it down on the ground with some 28″ wheels and high-performance street tires or go big, with a towering  8″ BDS 4-Link Suspension system with Fox Shocks, rollin’ on 46″ mud tires wrapped around some [...]
off-road car

We find that going on an off-road adventure, such as camping, hiking or biking, is the best way you can enjoy all the features of your pre-owned lifted truck. But before you take it off-road, pack these essentials to ensure your safety and convenience.

First Aid Kit

The American Red Cross recommends that you have a kit for your home and for your vehicle. The kit should contain at least 25 adhesive bandages, a couple of 5×9-inch absorbent dressings, antiseptic wipes, antibiotic ointment packets, an emergency blanket, and other essentials. Be sure to regularly check if any medicines in the kit need to be replaced, as some of them have expiry dates.

Air Compressor

An air compressor is an absolute must if you go off-road. There will be times when you have to deflate your tires to as low as 8 PSI, to get more traction in snow, mud, or sand. After you’ve left the [...]

If you’re in the market for a used truck, you have something else to worry about apart from the vehicle’s condition. After perusing the lineup of used lifted diesel trucks for sale and checking off your inspection checklist, you need to complete some paperwork to make your purchase official.

Whether you’re buying from a private party or a dealer, these documents are necessary to legally transfer the property from the previous owner’s name to yours. The dealer usually handles the paperwork. But if you’re buying from a private party, you and the seller have to go to the local Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) or Secretary of State to finalize the transaction.

Paperwork for the Truck

These three documents are provided by the seller. It pays to be aware of what to look for in the following papers to ensure that the vehicle is in top shape.

  1. Title

The most basic document [...]

Many people like the high profile and cool look of lifted trucks. And there are those who prefer a serious off-road vehicle for off-the-beaten-track adventures. Whatever your reason is for getting a secondhand lifted truck, it may not always come with the upgrades or accessories you want to fulfill your purpose. Learn about some of the aftermarket essentials to consider when your truck doesn’t have them bundled.

  1. Running Boards

These can be absolute essentials, especially if you find that the increased height of your lifted truck makes it difficult to hop into the cabin. Depending on the material and design, expect to spend $170 and up for this accessory. These days, you can also get intelligent running boards that deploy or retract automatically when you open the doors but expect to pay a pretty penny for them.

  1. Bed Liner

This is important when you use your [...]

Buying a secondhand truck instead of a new one has its advantages.

The biggest selling point is they’re cheaper than brand new units, giving you the chance to nab the more recent models at a lower price. Plus, you avoid the initial depreciation every vehicle goes through once you’ve driven it off the lot.

But since they’re used, a secondhand truck purchase will need scrutiny. The vehicle may be faulty, it could be a gas guzzler, or it may no longer have its warranty.

You can avoid these pitfalls when you know how to properly inspect the lineup of used lifted diesel trucks for sale.

1. Check the suspension

Lifting trucks change the vehicle’s suspension, which affects the control and smoothness of the drive. Regardless of what type of lift was used – spacer lift, torsion bar, coil spring, leaf spring, air suspension – check the suspension component to make sure it’s still in good [...]

The holidays are approaching, carrying blankets of snow with it. While off-road trips are often taken when the skies are clear, going off the beaten path during winter is just as exciting. And even if you’re not a fan of driving off-road, you may be forced to do so when you have to visit loved ones or retreat to your cozy winter cottage.

Your vehicle may be equipped to take on the roughest roads and the toughest of winters, but you may still need to add, adjust, or maintain a few things to make your drive comfortable and safe.

Safely Suspended

One of the best things about getting a vehicle from a trusted lifted truck seller is that you’re guaranteed to have great clearance and suspension while off-roading. If you use your vehicle every day and use it to lift heavy loads, you may want to ensure that its suspension is in tip-top shape. You [...]

The United States is infatuated, no, in love with pickup trucks. Along with SUVs, it’s a staple vehicle in American media, from TV shows like Dukes of Hazard to classic films like No Country for Old Men.

And in a recent report by news outlet CNBC, 2017’s most popular vehicle for Americans earning $200,000 or more annually wasn’t a Ferrari, a Lambo, or a Mercedes. It was a Ford. The Ford F-150, to be exact.

CNN crowned the model as the most important vehicle in America. It’s not hard to see why. More than 32 million Americans bought the model, even with its hefty $53,000 price tag. The F-150 made up over a third of the company’s sales that year.

So what makes the pickup truck so desirable that it zoomed past its luxury-brand competitors?


It’s a Great Tool

Pickup trucks, before they became the suburban stars that they are today, were initially made to be utility [...]

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