Benefits of Lifting Your Truck

When you’re looking into buying a truck, you have to take several factors into consideration. One is whether your vehicle’s height should remain at an OEM level or if it should be lifted. While some might choose to spend their money on bigger sound systems or other fancy accessories, lifting your truck is a worthier investment because of the benefits it can bring. From increased stability to easier towing, making this adjustment is well worth your time.

Your local lifted truck dealer, Canyon State Auto, has locations in Phoenix, Tempe and Mesa to best serve our Arizona customers. Come to us with any questions you have after reading these reasons to lift your truck! We carry lifted trucks to save you from having to do it yourself with a kit.


Lifted trucks have a higher center of gravity, which can assist you with stability while driving. This is particularly beneficial when you’re towing heavy [...]

When you’re in the market for a truck, you’re probably taking your budget into account and trying to determine exactly what you can afford. If you restrict yourself to models that are fresh off the lot, you may not have many choices in that regard. It would be a shame to have worked so hard to save cash and end up with a truck you’re not that excited about.

On the other hand, you could look into buying a used truck instead. Used trucks are still new to you and they can be found in like-new condition in many cases! We’ve taken the time to list our reasons for buying a used truck below. If you have further questions, visit Canyon State Auto, your Phoenix used truck dealer.

Lower Price

First off, your most immediate benefit will be the price tag. You’ll save thousands of dollars right off the bat because a used truck always [...]

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