Lifted Vs. Non-Lifted Trucks for Sale

In 1896, Gottlieb Daimler created the first commercially viable truck, and the truck market saw a new crop of models every year since. Without a shadow of a doubt, pickup trucks enjoy widespread acclaim around the globe leading to both lifted and non-lifted pickup trucks being quite popular.

If you’re a truck-lover, you’ve seen quite a few lifted trucks for sale in Phoenix, AZ, and you’re wondering if one of them would suit your needs. How are lift-up trucks different from non-lifted trucks, and when would you want to use one over the other?

To help you make your choice, read on to find out how lifted trucks differ from non-lifted trucks.

Lift Kits

Most trucks come straight off the assembly line with no lift kit installed. Those that have been “lifted” have had their original chassis altered with hardware that raises the vehicle’s suspension and tire clearance. The raise kits that improve the handling [...]

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