3 Common Lifted Truck Problems and Their Solutions

Many people prefer having their trucks lifted for its custom look. The additional height is eye-catching, perfect for those who want to stand out. But more than just looking cool, the modification also brings several benefits.

Custom lifted trucks are popular among off-roaders. You get more ground clearance when driving on rugged terrain, reducing the damage to your truck’s undercarriage. Plus, the large tires are designed to have more tire-to-ground contact for greater traction, giving you better grip and stability when driving.

However, lifted trucks require relatively high maintenance. Daily driving can quickly wear out the different parts of the truck, affecting its performance.

Learn about some of the common problems with lifted trucks and how to address them, so you can preserve the condition of your vehicle.

1. Brakes

The bigger the tires are on your vehicle, the heavier the rotating mass. The brakes take longer before they can impact the wheels, especially when [...]

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