3 Common Lifted Truck Problems and Their Solutions

Many people prefer having their trucks lifted for its custom look. The additional height is eye-catching, perfect for those who want to stand out. But more than just looking cool, the modification also brings several benefits.

Custom lifted trucks are popular among off-roaders. You get more ground clearance when driving on rugged terrain, reducing the damage to your truck’s undercarriage. Plus, the large tires are designed to have more tire-to-ground contact for greater traction, giving you better grip and stability when driving.

However, lifted trucks require relatively high maintenance. Daily driving can quickly wear out the different parts of the truck, affecting its performance.

Learn about some of the common problems with lifted trucks and how to address them, so you can preserve the condition of your vehicle.

1. Brakes

The bigger the tires are on your vehicle, the heavier the rotating mass. The brakes take longer before they can impact the wheels, especially when on high speed. This can overwhelm your brake system and cause overheating.

Plenty of companies sell brake kits designed for bigger tires. These kits have thicker and larger brake pads to provide more contact area with the wheels. They have multi-piston calipers as well, giving your brakes more clamping force.

Many kits have longer stainless steel-braided brake lines to support the additional height of the lift kit. These are also less prone to deforming under the brake pressure, improving your braking performance.

2. Visibility

A lot of people think that because a lifted truck has more height, it also gives you a better view of the road. This isn’t always true. The height creates a blind spot directly in front of your vehicle, making stop-and-go driving and parking difficult. It’s hard to spot smaller cars and pedestrians in front of you.

Avoid blind spot-related accidents by installing convex mirrors. These mirrors give you a wider field of view and reflect the area right in front of your vehicle. Some truck drivers have also started using camera systems mounted on the front bumper and wheel wells to cover blind spots on all sides. The real-time video appears in a monitor inside the truck, helping you drive, change lanes, and park.

3. Gas Mileage

Taller trucks with larger tires are naturally heavier than non-lifted trucks. The additional weight requires more gas to propel the vehicle. Plus, the added height means that the truck encounters more wind resistance.

Choose all-terrain tires. These are designed to have a low rolling resistance, decreasing the required effort to stop the tires. All-terrain tires give you the best combination of grip and fuel economy, perfect for off- and on-road driving.

These upgrades are only a handful of what’s available in the market. They make your lifted truck safer and more efficient to drive while reducing the damage to your vehicle, making your investment worthwhile.

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