Explore our inventory of used lifted trucks in Phoenix to find one that meets your specifications. Canyon State Trucks and SUVs takes pride in our diverse selection of lifted trucks, all sporting a sleek exterior and robust engines. Each vehicle in our inventory is background-checked and inspected, so you can purchase quality used lifted trucks and drive them around with confidence.

Why Get a Pre-Owned Lifted Truck?

When people think of used cars, an image of a banged up and rusty truck with peeling paint comes to mind. The market in Phoenix, Arizona, however, is brimming with pre-owned lifted trucks in excellent condition. These vehicles sport an almost flawless body and high-performance engines.

If you purchase a pre-owned lifted truck, you enjoy:

  • Savings – Used lifted trucks carry a significantly smaller price tag than their brand-new counterparts. Additionally, buying used vehicles saves you from bulk of the depreciation. Lifted trucks lose as much as 20% of their value during the first year. With a used lifted truck, you don’t have to worry about losing out value-wise.
  • Uncompromised Quality – Dealers have their used lifted trucks certified, so you can rest assured that your vehicle is reliable and in working order.
  • No Hidden Charges – Some new lifted trucks come with extra (and usually, hidden) fees, like shipping charges and destination fees. If you pick one of our used trucks, expect none of these charges to affect you.
  • Custom Features – You enjoy custom features (an entertainment system or new covers, for instance) that have been installed by the previous owners at a lower cost.
  • Smaller Environmental Impact – By buying a used lifted truck, you do your part in minimizing the amount of metal waste that’s headed for the landfills.

Why Buy from Canyon State Trucks and SUVs?

We’ve been around for 30 years, but Canyon State Truck and SUVs is still a family-owned business that cares about clients. It’s the reason we:

  • Keep Prices Low. We know you came to us for a bargain, and we make sure you get the best deal possible.
  • Inspect Our Lifted Trucks. All our lifted trucks for sale in Phoenix are inspected, fully maintained, and Carfax-certified.
  • Provide Unbeatable Customer Support. From finding the ideal model to financing, we will guide you in purchasing your newest ride.

Check out our selection of lifted trucks for sale. Contact our team in Arizona for inquiries.

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