Bigger is Better: How the Pickup Truck Won the Hearts of American Drivers

The United States is infatuated, no, in love with pickup trucks. Along with SUVs, it’s a staple vehicle in American media, from TV shows like Dukes of Hazard to classic films like No Country for Old Men.

And in a recent report by news outlet CNBC, 2017’s most popular vehicle for Americans earning $200,000 or more annually wasn’t a Ferrari, a Lambo, or a Mercedes. It was a Ford. The Ford F-150, to be exact.

CNN crowned the model as the most important vehicle in America. It’s not hard to see why. More than 32 million Americans bought the model, even with its hefty $53,000 price tag. The F-150 made up over a third of the company’s sales that year.

So what makes the pickup truck so desirable that it zoomed past its luxury-brand competitors?


It’s a Great Tool

Pickup trucks, before they became the suburban stars that they are today, were initially made to be utility [...]

The breathtaking views, the stillness of the landscapes, the thrill of exploring the unknown — everybody loves a great road trip in Arizona. The state is blessed with terrain that’s equal parts beautiful and untamed, providing the most adventurous drivers with unique experiences on every stretch of road.

To fully enjoy the off-road adventures in Arizona, however, you need a reliable vehicle that would still look attractive even if it’s covered in mud and muck from the drive. If off-road adventures are your thing, Canyon State Trucks and SUVs recommends our trusty lifted trucks; they’re the king of the Phoenix off-roading. With a high ground clearance and better gears, these vehicles enable you to brave the wilderness in style.

Better Field of Vision

A big part of the fun of going off-road is the scenery, and a lifted truck offers a better vantage point to enjoy these sights. Because the truck is higher, you have a [...]

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