Five Lifted Truck Maintenance Tips You Must Consider

You all will agree that buying a lifted truck is a significant investment, but you still have to spend a good amount of time on maintenance. If not done properly, the breakdowns and repairs will catch up with you. Don’t worry, we have you covered in this article.  

Whether you’re a newly lifted truck owner or you’ve been driving one for years, following these five maintenance tips will help ensure your vehicle is always in top condition. 

From checking the tires to regularly changing the oil, we’ll discuss everything you need to know about keeping your lifted truck in tip-top shape. Read on for more information about how to maintain your lifted truck!

Tip #1: Replace the engine oil and filter on a regular basis

Oil and filter changes are the two most [...]

Truck Dealerships In Phoenix

Several factors can influence the success or failure of small businesses in the US. According to a CB Insights survey, the majority of businesses fail because they are unable to secure finances or they run out of money. 

Entrepreneurs who survived but want to thrive need to continue making smart money decisions, including investing in company vehicles. This article highlights the key benefits of used trucks and explores truck dealerships in Phoenix.

Why Savvy Business Owners Pick Used Trucks?

Entrepreneurs who need a vehicle to transport supplies or deliver products can benefit from driving used trucks. Firstly, used trucks have been used by other drivers who are likely to post reviews or testimonials about the truck model. This makes gauging the truck’s actual performance easier to learn. 

Pre-owned or old trucks undergo inspection so that new or potential owners are informed on the vehicle’s history and safety condition. The result is a comprehensive vehicle history [...]

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