Five Lifted Truck Maintenance Tips You Must Consider

You all will agree that buying a lifted truck is a significant investment, but you still have to spend a good amount of time on maintenance. If not done properly, the breakdowns and repairs will catch up with you. Don’t worry, we have you covered in this article.  

Whether you’re a newly lifted truck owner or you’ve been driving one for years, following these five maintenance tips will help ensure your vehicle is always in top condition. 

From checking the tires to regularly changing the oil, we’ll discuss everything you need to know about keeping your lifted truck in tip-top shape. Read on for more information about how to maintain your lifted truck!

Tip #1: Replace the engine oil and filter on a regular basis

Oil and filter changes are the two most important components of a comprehensive vehicle maintenance schedule. To keep the engine from losing efficiency, change the oil filter on a regular basis.

Simply put, your truck’s engine needs clean oil to function correctly, and the frequency of oil changes should be determined by consulting the owner’s handbook. 

It’s also advised to change the oil more often, whether you drive a lot or even if you drive less because oil becomes less effective as time passes.

Tip #2: Check up on other fluid levels

Routine truck maintenance includes checking the engine oil, brake fluid, power steering fluid, windshield washer fluid, and engine coolant. The engine must be kept at the proper temperature to function properly and prevent problems from high temperatures. 

The power steering system is made possible by steering fluid, which is a hydraulic fluid. Replacing the power steering fluid will help the more pricey parts last longer. Changing the washer fluid is an essential part of routine truck maintenance, as it helps prolong the life of the windshield.

Tip #3: You must always rotate your tires

Tire rotation is essential to ensure that all your truck’s tires contain the same treadwear. Vibration reduction can increase fuel efficiency and prolong the life of your car’s suspension parts. When rotating your tires, it is important to inspect them to ensure they are wearing them equally visually.

Tip #4: Don’t leave your wheels misaligned

Alignment is essential for keeping your truck in good condition. Potholes and bumps can cause your wheels to be out of alignment, leading to noisy steering and uneven tire wear. 

Ignoring the problem can lead to expensive body or wheel damage, so it is important to have your wheels aligned for your annual checkup.

Tip #5: Get an inspection

A truck inspection is comparable to your someone’s yearly physical exam. A professional checks your truck for problems. Any mechanical or safety faults must be found as quickly as feasible. Although having your truck examined can be annoying, it’s crucial for maintaining your car.

Quality Lifted Trucks in Arizona

Now that you know essential maintenance procedures, it is time to get your own lifted truck. We at Canyon State Trucks are pleased to offer a wide range of lifted truck options, all with cutting-edge styling and potent engines. 

We have a large selection of used lifted trucks available, and you can shop with perfect confidence knowing that we have carefully inspected and documented each one. 

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