Mileage vs. Age: Which Matters More When Buying a Used Truck?

Did you know that in the United States, the average age of a pickup truck on the road is 11.6 years? With the high cost of new trucks, it’s no surprise that many people opt for buying used when it comes to getting a reliable workhorse. 

It’s worth noting that a truck’s overall condition, including how well it was maintained and its usage, can also impact its value and longevity. However, when purchasing a used truck, two main factors come into play: mileage and age. But which one should you prioritize? 

In this article, we’ll explore each element’s pros and cons and help you decide whether mileage or age matters more when buying a used truck.

The Truth Behind Mileage

Low mileage is often considered an essential factor when buying a used truck, as it indicates that the truck has been driven less and has more life left. Trucks with lower mileage are usually more expensive than those [...]

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