What Makes Phoenix Trucking Different

Trucks and SUVs are so adaptable and versatile that we hardly ever stop to think about how our specific local needs, practices, and conditions have carved out a particular niche in broader truck use. The local color and trucking culture has become second nature in the everyday hustle and bustle. It says so much about the life we’ve carved out in the desert and the extremes we push our trusted vehicles to make it all work.

While the trucks themselves may come and go, our truck dealership in Phoenix and local trucking spirit abide.

What Makes Phoenix Trucking Different

Clashing with the Elements

Out here, we must prepare for both monsoon rains and dust storms. A cabin air filter can go from being an afterthought to a lifesaver. Compare this with the luxury of driving with a “Check Engine” signal for months in more moderate climates.

Similarly, what is a “just-in-case” kit for truckers elsewhere is a matter of course for Arizonans. In the desert, anyone with a truck becomes a rescuer by virtue. Having and knowing how to use all your emergency kits is non-negotiable in this setting.

Below is our lineup of usual suspects and what we can do to mitigate their effects. 

Sun Damage 

The extreme adverse effects of the sun and heat will fade, then crack a below-average paint job. The recommendation is to wash and hand-dry frequently to remove any particles before they cause micro-scratches. 

Keeping a Big Truck Cool in Summer

Our cooling systems will often struggle to keep inside temperatures agreeable. In particular, when the heat outside climbs above 100 degrees Fahrenheit, the AC goes into overdrive, making malfunction or failure much more likely. The lesson is to always go for quality antifreeze and check that the coolant tank is full. This is where the warranties and materials of a good dealership can make all the difference.

Gas Mileage 

Arizona’s gas economy is almost an afterthought, with the AC always on and the tire pressure fluctuating due to significant day and night temperature swings. Make sure always to keep the tires properly inflated to minimize road drag. 

Finding Reliable Mechanics

Everyone is looking for specialists with a good track record. You can’t lean on one repair shop with so many things liable to go wrong. That’s where a credible dealership with a great reputation makes all the difference.

Some Truck Dealerships in Phoenix Are Better Than Others       

Canyon State Trucks started with the idea of a stubborn commitment to quality and transparency. We thoroughly inspect every product that comes in and out of our doors and maintain our products to guarantee reliability. We believe it’s the least that good truck dealerships in Phoenix should do.

In this environment, compromise can cost you too much. The extreme conditions can only be matched by our pursuit of excellence and spotless professionalism. Get in touch today to see what we can do for you.

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