7 Proven Ways to Prolong the Life of Your Used SUV

Preowned SUVs stand out in virtually every aspect that characterizes a quality vehicle. In addition to costing a fraction of the typical price, these vehicles offer abundant seating capacity, generous storage space, an attractive aesthetic, and versatile performance. Nonetheless, sustaining a preowned SUV’s longevity and optimal condition requires vigilant care and attention.

Let’s delve into seven valuable ways that can effectively prolong the lifespan of your used SUV.

1. Regular Maintenance

It’s crucial to have a preowned SUV undergo regular inspections by a certified technician. Adhering to the service intervals recommended by the manufacturer for oil changes, fluid checks, and filter replacements is essential. Consistent maintenance not only prevents deterioration and minimizes damage but also detects potential problems at an early stage, thereby preserving peak performance.

2. Quality Fuel and Fluids

SUV functions at its best when provided with premium fuel and top-notch fluids. Adhere to the recommended fuel grade and select high-quality oils and fluids. Clean and quality fluids not only guarantee seamless operations but also thwart overheating and diminish friction, enhancing the durability of your vehicle’s crucial components.

3. Gentle Driving Habits

Although your preowned SUV may boast the ability to conquer challenging terrains, it’s vital to refrain from exposing it to aggressive driving habits. Forceful acceleration, abrupt braking, and sudden turns place unwarranted strain on the engine, transmission, and suspension components. Embracing a driving style characterized by gradual and smooth actions helps minimize wear and tear. By adopting this approach, you can evade premature repairs and component replacements, ultimately extending the vehicle’s overall lifespan.

4. Tire TLC

SUV tires play a pivotal role in both performance and durability. It’s crucial to consistently monitor tire pressure, adhere to the manufacturer’s rotation guidelines, and maintain accurate wheel alignment. Tires that have lost their tread and misaligned wheels can result in uneven wear patterns and decreased fuel efficiency, negatively impacting the overall well-being of your SUV.

5. Cooling System Care

Given that your SUV’s engine functions at elevated temperatures, a properly maintained cooling system serves as its primary defense against overheating. It’s important to consistently examine coolant levels and confirm the absence of leaks. Overheating has the potential to inflict significant engine harm, hence it’s essential to dedicate the effort to flush and replace the coolant in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendations.

6. Protect the Exterior

The exterior of a vehicle serves a purpose beyond aesthetics; it shields internal components from environmental factors. Engaging in regular washing and waxing of your preowned SUV’s exterior not only maintains its polished appearance but also serves as a preventive measure against rust and corrosion. For an additional safeguard against rust, consider applying an underbody sealant to provide an extra layer of protection.

7. Documented History

Just as doctors face challenges in diagnosing an illness without access to a patient’s medical history, mechanics require a preowned SUV’s service record to accurately identify issues and carry out efficient repairs. This well-documented history not only facilitates precise diagnosis but also contributes to the vehicle’s resale value, creating a mutually beneficial scenario.

Buy Quality Preowned SUVs from Canyon State Trucks & SUVs

Your used SUV serves as more than just a means of transportation; it becomes your companion on numerous journeys. By adhering to these seven tips, you’re not merely extending its lifespan – you’re guaranteeing that each adventure is as seamless and delightful as the very first one.

In addition to maintaining its excellent condition, the source of your preowned SUV matters significantly. Opting for a reputable dealership is essential for enjoying prolonged satisfaction with your vehicle. This is precisely where Canyon State Trucks & SUVs come into play.

As a dependable dealership specializing in used SUVs and trucks in Arizona, we are dedicated to assisting our customers in acquiring affordable and functional SUVs while setting the foundation for proper maintenance. We meticulously keep records for every vehicle in our inventory, conduct regular upkeep, and transparently communicate any issues to buyers, ensuring well-informed purchasing decisions.

Feel free to reach out to us today for any inquiries regarding our selection of used SUVs. Your satisfaction is our priority.

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