Browse our selection of used SUVs in Phoenix for a vehicle that meets your specifications. Each unitthat enters our inventory has been inspected and background-checked thoroughly by our team. You can rest assured that we offer only pre-owned SUVs in superior condition to customers in Phoenix, AZ.

Why Get Pre-Owned?

While buying a new car has its perks, buying a used 4WD SUV in Phoenix is a financially sound choice. Aesthetics won’t be compromised, too. These aren’t the used cars you see on TV and the movies — nothing about any of our selection is old or rickety with rusty doors and a faded paint job. The market, however, is filled with used cars in superior condition and low mileage.

By purchasing a used SUV, you:

  • Save Money – You get used SUVs for a fraction of its original price. Moreover, new cars depreciate quickly — some lose as much as 20% of their value during the first year. If you purchase a used SUV, you can drive around Phoenix, Arizona without worrying much about this issue.
  • Dodge Expensive Charges – Some new SUVs come with extra fees, like shipping charges and destination fees. If you purchase a used SUV, however, expect none of these expenses; used cars usually have no hidden fees.
  • Enjoy the Custom Features – New cars rarely come with personalized features; the owners need to buy and install the units themselves. You can, however, buy a used car with the features you’re looking for (an entertainment system, for instance). You enjoy the custom features minus the hefty price tag.
  • Rest Assured of the Quality – Each used model has been certified and thoroughly inspected before they enter the dealership’s inventory.
  • Protect the Environment – By going for a used car, you minimize the waste that’s headed for the landfills. Moreover, you won’t fuel the demand for new cars, which takes a huge amount of energy and materials to manufacture.

Why Canyon State Truck and SUVs?

If you’re going for a used SUV in Phoenix, AZ, turn to Canyon State Truck and SUVs for superior quality, competitive prices, and unbeatable customer support.

  • We keep our prices as low as possible to help sell the car fast.
  • All our pre-owned SUVs in Phoenix, AZ are Carfax-certified, inspected, and fully maintained.
  • We’re a family-owned company that values the trust of our customers.

Browse our selection of used 4WD SUVs in Phoenix; get in touch with our team for inquiries.

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